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Within the framework of project of European Union, called "Education for safety"  which is realized within the framework of the program "Human Capital", the cycle of trainings where conducted in October in the field of technical rescue services for firefighters. The program of the course included among other: vehicle stabilization technique in difficult conditions modern rescue equipment identification of threats ( identification of passive safety elements in vehicles) – protection airbags, removing glass in the vehicles evacuation techniques the construction and safety system... Read more
The world's greatest event in cardiology, ECC Congress 2012, took place in Munich, Germany, from 25-29 august. Over 30000 professionals from all over the  world attended the  Congress. The motto  of this edition was the statement “From laboratory to practice”. REAGO team visited congress to get acquainted with the results of the latest research and new equipment solutions.   For more information visit: http://www.escardio.org/congresses/esc-2012/pages/welcome.aspx http://www.escardio.org/about/press/press-releases/esc12-munich/Pages/esc-congress-2012-highlights.aspx
At Yalta, 23-27 of September was held III International Bodyguard Championship 2012. In the program of the Championship - tactics and techniques of VIP-walk support with the implementation of physical protection techniques, demonstration of techniques in close combat, shooting exercise, search of explosive devices in the car, first aid and evacuation of protected persons. The main goal of the Championship - improvement of professional level and between police officers from different countries, experience sharing. The event attended teams from 22 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Great... Read more
In Yalta took place V International scientific conference "Industrial Safety and Labour protection - 2012. Problems. Perspectives " The conference attended representatives from the supervisory authorities of CIS and Europe, central authorities of Ukraine and Autonomous Republic of Crimea, directors and experts of scientific and technical organizations. The conference lasted three days, during which the problems and prospects of state supervision, especially of market surveillance, the main components of safe production in the mining industry, oil and gas sector and at high risk of social and... Read more
23-26 of October 2012 took place the V edition of PARAMEDIC. The Event PARAMEDIC 2012 attended units from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice and foreign teams. PARAMEDIC, as the only event dedicated to tactical rescue in Poland, became a well established brand and it is also the exceptional event in Europe.   For more information: http://www.equipped.pl/fotorelacja-paramedyk-2012/ http://www.tvn24.pl/zdjecia/zawody-paramedyk-2012-w-trojmiescie,26509.html http://www.codziennik.tv/2012/10/26/paramedyk-2012/ http://sw.gov.pl/pl/aktualnosci/news,11919,... Read more
  The aim of the championship "Safe Company" is to promote knowledge and share the experience in providing first aid at the work place, to raise the skill level of rescue teams at the work place and integrate environment. This year's competition theme includes cases that occur at work, as well as similar incidents that can happen at home or on the street. The largest firms in Poland took part in the championship, which are leaders in their fields, and their participation ensures the maintenance of ideas among rescue service at work. Organizers of the V championship are REAGO Training and... Read more
The Program REAGO PAD (Public Access of Defibrillation called) is a nationwide program that has a goal to provide common access to early defibrillation in the workplace and in public places. Why PAD? SCA - Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the most common causes of death in the XXI century. In Poland, annually, it affects approximately 70,000 and more than 700 000 people in Europe. Over 70% of sudden cardiac arrests cases occur outside of the hospital. Only 5% of people survive, because time for Medical Rescue Team to provide professional help is too long. Chances of survival diminish with each... Read more

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Prowadzimy kursy zarówno dla osób związanych, jak i niezwiązanych z medycyną. Dysponujemy doskonałą, doświadczona i posiadająca międzynarodowe uprawnienia kadrą instruktorską. Zajmujemy się również szeroko pojętym doradztwem z zakresu bezpieczeństwa i monitorowania zagrożeń ludzkiego życia, opracowujemy plany działania, procedury i systemy kontroli.

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