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Why do I recommend these products?

The majority of the products I have reviewed are for people who are serious about their training. They all have one or two good claims and only a few mediocre claims. In my experience, people don't like these products because most of them have questionable claims and poor reviews. I believe this is one of the reasons why most people find their way to products that don't help them and end up paying for them. This is because people are more likely to spend more money if they think they are going to see better results, so if they can buy something for a better result they will. I have found that most people will actually get the results from the products I review even if they believe they are not. In other words, I recommend these products because they work. This does not mean they are completely safe, but they are much more effective in helping people achieve their goals than most other products. When I was first getting started, I was very naive. I thought there was something magical about the products that I wanted to give a try.

There is a great article that gives a lot of great reasons why the product may work.

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