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Synthetic Tissues

  • Abscess Pad
    Abscess Pad
    Description: Basic model construction employs simplified versions of our patented SynTissue brand synthetic human skin, simulated abscess structures, subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle. The skin layer is realistically textured on the surface and smooth on the subcutaneous side. It incorporates a natural wear layer of dead skin at the surface and three discrete layers (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) that are grown independently from one another. This tissue was designed with extensive input from our medical device, hospital and military clients to exhibit realistic wound packing, puncture resistance, suture holding, and electrocautery, laser scalpel and plasma knife performance.
  • Adult Skin
    Adult Skin
    The standard adult skin exhibits a mean force of approximately 2N in our standard penetration test, this selection is an appropriate mimic for most skin on the human body (face, forearm, groin, etc.) Skins exhibiting greater penetration values are appropriate for thicker or more callused areas (abdomen, lower back, etc.) of the body. Penetration values up to 10N are available. Typical human pain threshold occurs in the 2-4N range.
  • Arterial Tissue
    Arterial Tissue
    SynTissue arterial tissue employs our standard arterial intima, media and adventitia construction in a flat format.
  • Bulk Fat
    Bulk Fat
    SynTissue bulk fat is very soft and lubricious. This fat is also much more friable than the subcutaneous grade due to a lower fiber content.
  • Cardiac Tissue
    Cardiac Tissue
    SynTissue cardiac tissue is a beta-stage material from our SynDaver Synthetic Human product line. This material is in general stiffer, more dense and tougher than skeletal muscle. The inner surface is smooth and lubricious while the outer surface is rougher and slightly striated.
  • Esophagus Tissue
    Esophagus Tissue
    SynTissue esophagus tissue is from our SynDaver Synthetic Human product line. This dense muscular tissue is smooth, lubricious, pliable and has differing modulii along the x and y axes. Standard product is a 20cm x 20cm plate with a nominal thickness of 2mm.