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CAE Healthcare's comprehensive suite of electronic and on-site bedside ultrasound training solutions is a one-stop ultrasound education solution. We offer a range of cost-effective educational solutions to advance your ultrasound learning, shorten the path to imaging competency, and increase knowledge retention with ground-breaking technology. Based on established guidelines from the International Consensus Statement on Training Standards for Critical Care Ultrasonography, and endorsed by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) and the Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS), our ICCU e-learning curriculum allows institutions to effectively streamline training time and conserve resources so instructors may focus on teaching.


Cutting-edge, interactive multimedia curriculum offering e-learning tutorials covering all important aspects of bedside ultrasound and composed of hundreds of high-quality 3D animations, clips and graphics.

The Portal Covers:

  • components of Focused Cardiac TTE and TEE Ultrasound exams
  • assessment of central and peripheral vessels
  • assessment of the pleural space and lung
  • ultrasound-guided procedures for peripheral vascular access


Navigate through clinical cases, read articles, analyze clips and images from an atlas of cases, practice assessment and interact with peers on ICCU's free, online collaborative community.


We offer a choice of various bedside ultrasound training seminars designed to teach the principles of the sonographic exam as an extension to physical examination. All seminars are provided by highly trained critical care physicians and certified sonographers.



  • CME credits for both e-learning and live seminars
  • Highly clinical, interactive seminars with 1:4 faculty to attendee ratio
  • Real case scenarios with acute and chronic pathologies
  • Interactive learning opportunities accessible on any mobile platform
  • 25 hours of multimedia didactic content and 900+ testing questions
  • Flexible licensing and access 
  • Online assessment and measurement tools

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