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Adult Skin

The standard adult skin exhibits a mean force of approximately 2N in our standard penetration test, this selection is an appropriate mimic for most skin on the human body (face, forearm, groin, etc.) Skins exhibiting greater penetration values are appropriate for thicker or more callused areas (abdomen, lower back, etc.) of the body. Penetration values up to 10N are available. Typical human pain threshold occurs in the 2-4N range.

Standard product is a 20cm x 20cm plate with a nominal thickness of 1 – 3mm depending on puncture resistance. Skin tone and toughness may be selected.

Our patented SynTissue brand synthetic human tissue components are designed primarily for medical device design verification and validation testing. Relevant tissue properties are designed on the basis of physical tests performed on actual living tissue. Each synthetic tissue is validated (tensile modulus, abrasion resistance, penetration force, coefficient of friction, thermal conductivity, dielectric constant, etc.) under the same physical conditions as the live tissue it is designed to simulate. The result is a synthetic tissue analog which responds to stimulus much like the real thing.

We employ these tissues in our body models, in tissue plates, and in other custom applications. Our clients often incorporate one or more of these components into models of their own design.

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