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SFA FC - Specialized First Aid for Flight Crew

SFA FC - Specialized First Aid for Flight Crew

Training simulations and scenarios reflecting life-threatening situations are the core of our teaching strategy. Our Programs include both initial training as well as recertification trainings for members of the air crew.

Our training conducted  throughout Europe includes topics such as:

  • Dealing with an unconscious victim
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) utilizing an AED
  • Dealing with heart attack, stroke, seizure, asthma, or fainting victims
  • Dealing with victims of trauma - limb injuries, wounds, bleeding, burns
  • Dealing with a choking victim
  • The logistics of first aid on board an aircraft
  • Selected aspects of the aviation medicine
  • Dealing with barotrauma, decompression, and hypoxia
  • Cooperation with passengers and the pilot
  • Rescue and first aid equipment
  • Critical parameters requiring an emergency landing
  • Psychological support for the passengers and crew

Through training offered by REAGO Training, you will receive the necessary skills and knowledge to increase not only safety on all flights but also the crew members’ confidence in dealing with situations requiring emergency intervention.

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